Secrets of the Enclave

Grocery List
Mission 1

The party is called into Room 213 for mission debriefing. A Johnson has requested that the party intercept a crate with GPS tracker being shipped from a warehouse to an unknown location. The party is given the suspected route the truck was most likely to take to get out of Lower Oakland and onto Highway 280. They are also given the time it is expected to leave, 16:00.

The party scours the barracks for a driver and finds one at the cafeteria, Dex, a boy with long untamed black hair. Bartering with him, the party realizes they did not ask how much they were getting paid to do this mission. They offer to do him a favor each, three for the price of one and Dex accepts. Dex and Kyril go down to the garage while Finch and Leaf take public transit to the warehouse the crate’s GPS signal is coming from.

Kyril is disappointed to find that Dex’s rig does not have any accouterments such as explosives, oil spills, etc, but is rather a simple Taurus 2050 with a kukui nut necklace hanging in the rear-view mirror. Ah well…

At the warehouse, scouting the building, Finch and Leaf find that the front lobby is staffed with a receptionist and another man. In an alley to the left of the fron of the building, F&L look for a way into the warehouse and find that the back is protected by a chainlink fence, but that there are windows 14’ above them. Discussing what to do, Leaf suggests they talk outside the alley. As they exit the alley they see a man walking down the street by them. F&L manage to compose themselves saying the entrance isn’t down that way, but rather through the lobby. Instead of going into the lobby, they run across the street and the man notes this as odd, but continues to walk. F&L discuss the plan suggesting that F starts a fire in lobby while L goes into the back and grabs the crate. It’s finally decided that as the truck moves through the ghetto, F will start a fire in the engine of the truck with L waiting in the back.

Leaf, turning invisible, levitates into the back of the warehouse and waits on an I-beam with eyes on the prize, letting the party know. Finch and Kyril meet in the Lower Oakland ghetto where the truck is expected to pass through with Dex waiting a few blocks away. The crate is loaded into a Fresh Maker Foods truck and leave 30 minutes behind schedule and Leaf sneaks into the back of the truck behind it is shut. Checking the GPS Finch and Kyril notice that the truck is a block off the expected route and rush to meet it. Kyril rushes to the passenger’s side of the street in expectation of the security guard awaiting them. Finch manages to make it to the driver’s side corner of the street just in time to light the truck’s engine on fire. (To be finished and edited later.)

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